About Virginia

Big Blue

DIGITAL CAMERAI was entranced by scuba after a “See It/Try It” experience at the (old) Whitehorse Lions Pool – so on our family vacation to Thailand in 1998, I learned how to dive with Big Blue on Koh Tao!

Like many new divers, I only dove when I was on vacation – and I always wanted to keep on learning and improving.  So I completed my Advanced Open Water in Puerto Vallarta with Banderas Scuba; my Rescue Diver with Lanta Divers at Koh Lanta, Thailand; my Divemaster with Avadon Divers in Placencia, Belize; and my Open Water Scuba Instructor with Utila Dive Centre in Utila, Honduras.

In between, of course, I acquired other specialty certifications and dove just for fun – including Bay of Pigs/Playa Giron in Cuba; Puerto Morelos in the Yucatan; Kona/Kailua area in Hawaii; Bali; and most recently, Bonaire!  I also started cold-water diving a number of years ago and have been really enjoying my dive trips to Vancouver Island (primarily Port Hardy area).

Professional ratings as of June 2016-page-001IAHD cert











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