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  1.  PERSONAL GEAR:  Mask & snorkel; fins & boots – because you want to make sure you have a good fit and not rely on rental gear being comfortable for you.  Consider a wetsuit if you have difficulty finding a good-fitting rental (5mm is easy to travel with and cozy, too!).  A dive skin (1 mm lycra) will protect you against stings by itself, and makes it easier to put on your wetsuit 😉
  2. SAFETY GEAR:  Dive computer (with upload cord if you want to automate your dive log); SMB (Surface Marker Buoy) and reel; dive knife; audible signalling device (whistle, tank banger, DiveAlert); underwater light; tank light
  3. EVERYTHING ELSE:  BCD; regulator set; camera; etc. etc. etc.!

Cressi 3SeaLife 1

sharkskin 1Big BluePinnacle 2OceanicLiquivision 2Lavacore 2Hollis & Oceanic DiveAlertDeep BlueBARE-DIVEAtomic 2eezycut-trilobite-replacement-harness-pouch-53zeagle 2Suunto 2Stahlsac 2

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