BCD’S (Buoyancy Compensators)

z_0ic740500_01air-travelCRESSI AIR TRAVEL BCD z_0ic740500_52-air-travel-folded-up

IN STOCK!  Weighing just 5.5 pounds and quickly folded into a compact tote, the Air Travel can be easily packed into carry-on luggage and is the ultimate in high-performance travel BCs. Features include Lock-Aid Integrated weight pockets, a padded backpack with compression bungees, a large roll-up sundries pocket, and three exhaust valves for easier buoyancy adjustments.  Chest strap can be moved to three different locations for best fit.




z_0ic740910_ic740910-ultralightmanpack_00-foldedEven lighter weight back cell jacket at 4.6 lbs!. It is equipped with special anatomical shoulder straps with 40 mm buckles and a comfortable and practical soft back. Lock Aid Integrated weight system FLAT version. Hideaway pocket and adjustable-position chest strap.


z_0ic740600_01-travellightCRESSI TRAVEL LIGHT BCD z_0ic740600_50-travelight-folded

Prefer a vest-style BCD?  This lightweight BCD (5.5 lbs) has an amply-padded back and uses Cressi’s Lock Aid Integrated weight system (20 lbs in the front releaseable pockets and 10 lbs in the non-detachable rear pockets.  Two generous cargo pockets and three exhaust valves.



All prices subject to 5% GST.


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